Talks end each day at 4:45, leaving the evenings free for socializing and visiting Vancouver. We invite you to organize groups to take advantage of the city. By way of loose coordination, we have some general suggestions for each evening:


  • Monday evening, we expect to organize a large reservation for a group dinner on campus at UBC. (Unfortunately we are not able to pay for this dinner—only to organize it.) Details TBA.
  • Before dinner, you might consider going for a walk (or a jog, if you're into that sort of thing) through Pacific Spirit Park, a beautiful series of trails through magical woodlands. Or if you don't mind hundreds of stairs and more hundreds of naked people, you can make your way down to Wreck Beach.


  • Tuesday evening is more loosely organized. We suggest that you check out Kitsilano, one the prettier and yuppier areas of Vancouver. It’s located close to UBC—most places in that area will be 10–20 minutes away by car or 30 minutes by bus. It’s full of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops of many kinds. The two main through streets are W 4th Ave and W Broadway. You can walk along either of those streets and see what catches your eye, or aim for one of our suggestions below. One more area to look at is Yew St north of 1st Ave.
  • It shouldn't be too difficult to get a table on a Tuesday evening, but it might be easiest if you go in a group that's not too gigantic.
  • See the map below for specific locations and further details.
  • If it’s nice out, take a walk before or after dinner along Kitsilano Beach. We suggest Darby's Public House (4th and Macdonald) as a meeting place for drinks. If there's space, and it's nice out, sit on the rooftop patio.


  • Darby’s Public House. Standard pub food and beer, with a nice rooftop patio. Entrees $10–20.
  • The Naam. Vancouver’s famous 24-hour vegetarian cafe. Casual. Entrees $10–$20.


  • LOCAL Public Eatery
  • Thai Basil
  • Basil Pasta Bar
  • Sunset Grill
  • Dark Table. Dinner in total darkness. 3 courses $39, 2 courses $33.
  • The Oakwood.
  • Burgoo Bistro. (4th & Vine) One of several locations in town. Comfort food. Entrees $10–$20.
  • 49th Parallel. (4th & Yew) Celebrated coffee shop with doughnuts. (Not recommended for dinner, unless you want donuts for dinner.)
  • Bishop’s. Fancier. We don’t know it, but you can Google it and give it a try if you want.
  • Sushi Bella. One of the more creative sushi places in Vancouver. This city is good for sushi; stopping at whatever sushi place you see would be fine.
  • Las Margaritas. Standard Mexican fare with a patio.
  • Fable Kitchen. 
  • Romer’s Burger Bar. Good burgers here. Better for vegetarians than you’d think—they do a nice quinoa patty that's substitutable in any burger.
  • Noodlebox Kitsilano. A good version of the standard noodle options—stay in or take away in a box.



A few years ago Mt Pleasant was the cool alternative part of Vancouver. That distinction has since pushed East. (Visit Commercial Drive if you like.) Now Mt Pleasant, and its central artery, Main Street, are pretty hipster, trending in a yuppie direction. But there's still a lot of good food and drink. This is our home neighbourhood (Jonathan's and Carrie's). This list focuses on Main Street between Broadway and 33rd Ave. (Broadway is 9th Ave; numbers increase to the south.) There's also a nice pocket of places a few blocks away, near Kingsway & Fraser. The 99 bus runs express from UBC to Main and Broadway.

This neighbourhood tends to be busy; go in small groups or be prepared to wait for a table. Some places take reservations.

See the map below for specific locations and further details, or be guided by Yelp.

After dinner, party at our place! We'll email you the details.


  • Budgies Burritos. Good vegetarian burritos. (Entrance is on Kingsway, not Main.)
  • The Wallflower. Comfortable pub/bistro food and drink.
  • Noodlebox. Standard boxed noodles, to sit in or take out.
  • Sunny Spot Cafe. Inexpensive and unassuming Chinese noodles and dumplings.
  • Charlie's Little Italian. Pretty decent standard Italian fare. Tends to be less busy than most places around here.
  • The Cascade Room. Good cocktails, fine food.
  • Burdock & Co. Pricey small plates.
  • Kiso Island Japanese. Notable for never being full—you can definitely get a table here, even for a large group. The downside is that the sushi is actually not very good.
  • Colony. Standard casual bar fare.
  • Papa's Gourmet Pizza or Pizza Garden. Competing casual by-the-slice pizza places. Garden is a pretty good chain; Gourmet is more local.
  • Zipang Provisions. Nice Japanese food. We go often.
  • Pho Goodness. Casual Vietnamese.
  • Burgoo Bistro. Something of a Vancouver institution. Good comfort food and beer. Gets busy.
  • Rustico. A tiny and v. charming Italian place. Super casual. Easy to miss.
  • Don't Argue! Pizzaria. Good pizza.
  • General Public Sushi Lodge. A weird sushi place. Indescribable.
  • Slickity Jim's. Good bar food.
  • Bob Likes Thai Food. So do we.
  • The Fish Counter. We've been meaning to try their fish & chips.
  • The Acorn. Really nice gourmet vegetarian food. Busy.
  • Rocky Mountain Flatbread. Popular artisanal pizza.
  • The Shameful Tiki Room. Distinctive aesthetic. Good (strong!) drinks. Food kind of an afterthought, but fine.
  • Splitz Grill. Traditional diner-style burgers and hotdogs.
  • Locus Lounge. Relaxed environment, mid-to-upscale food.
  • Sweet Revenge. Go here for desserts and specialty coffees!
  • Meet on Main. All-vegan bar food. Tasty.
  • Grub. Good but pricey food. Cute but small place (though they do have a patio out the back).
  • Cottage Bistro. Standard bistro fare. Often has live music or poetry happening.
  • East is East. Good Indian food. If you're hungry, they have a pretty sweet option where you can try unlimited small dishes.


  • Los Cuevos Taqueria. Less casual and less busy than Sal Y Limon
  • Osteria Savio Volpe. Upscale Italian small plates. Reservations recommended. We found it tough on vegetarians.
  • The Lion's Den. Unpretentious Jamaican place with tons of character.
  • Les Faux Bourgeois. Fancypants French. Has "cuisine".
  • Sal Y Limon. Great casual Mexican place. Eat in or take out.
  • The Black Lodge. Tiny Twin Peaks-themed bar, specializing in vegetarian hot dogs. You can't make this stuff up. Try the veggie poutine.