All Participants

All conference participants are expected to:

  • Pre-read all nine papers and attend all nine sessions (unless otherwise arranged).

  • Engage in constructive and respectful discussions in accordance with the session discussion policy (TBA).

  • Feel free to direct questions to authors and/or commentators during the sessions.

  • Listen to one another's questions and ideas, crediting thoughts as appropriate.

  • Wear their name tags during all sessions.

  • Be nice to one another.

All participants, as well as their partners/family/friends, are welcome to participate in the other conference activities: the welcome BBQ, the evening social activities, the recreation day, etc.


Authors are expected to:

  • Provide the conference version of their paper for general distribution. This should be at most minimally changed from the submitted version, which has already gone to commentators. For example, I suggest restoring information removed for anonymous review.

  • Prepare and deliver a 7-minute presentation in response to the two sets of commentary during their session. Seven minutes is short; it is not necessarily expected that authors will cover all points raised by commentators at this time. Choose which points you wish to highlight. (Note that authors do not present their own papers—they've been pre-read!)

  • Wait until they've had a chance to incorporate feedback from the VSPC before publishing conference papers.


Commentators are expected to:

  • Prepare a 7-minute commentary about their assigned paper. Remember that offering objections is but one of the many useful things one might do in a commentary. Commentary might raise questions, develop follow-up ideas, point out other issues of interest, explain the significance of a point in the paper, raise and answer objections, etc.

  • Send a written version of their commentary to the author and session chair by August 7.

  • Deliver the commentary during the session, staying within the time limit, and not introducing new ideas not sent in advance.

  • Be prepared to answer questions in the general discussion that may be directed to commentators.


Chairs are expected to:

  • Correspond with their session authors and commentators prior to the conference, ensuring that comments are sent to authors by August 7, and deciding (perhaps based on commentary content) which commentator will speak first.

  • Ensure that the session begins on time.

  • Ensure that the two commentators and authors each remain within their 7-minute time limits.

  • Manage the general discussion according to the discussion policy (TBA).