Deadline to submit or volunteer: March 22, 2019

The 2019 VSPC will be August 18–August 22.

The VSPC is different from typical conferences in important ways—if you're not familiar with it, please read this page carefully.

Conference attendance is limited to those on the program, the organizers and referees, and members of the UBC philosophy department. This is due to funding and logistical constraints, together with the fact that the VSPC is a workshop-style conference that involves in-depth discussions of works-in-progress.

So there are four ways to participate in the VSPC: (1) have your paper selected for the program; (2) be a chair or commentator; (3) referee; (4) be part of the host department. The first three require submitting the form below by March 15.

Everyone in the world is invited to submit a paper and/or volunteer to be a commentator, session chair, or program referee.


Papers must be submitted in PDF format, and prepared for anonymous review. Please include an abstract and a word count (including all notes and bibliography) on the first page of the paper.

Papers on any topic in philosophy are welcome. (And "philosophy" is broadly construed.) Note however that the organizers will be looking for papers that are of interest to all VSPC participants. The strict word limit is 10,000 words, but shorter papers (under 7500 words) have a better chance of being accepted.

The VSPC is a workshop-style conference: papers on the program are read in advance by all conference participants. Please do not submit published work, or work for which you wouldn't have a chance to incorporate feedback from the VSPC in any subsequent published version.

All participants are expected to read all of the papers in advance, to attend all of the sessions, and to come prepared for discussion. You should only submit a paper if you also plan on reading all of the papers in advance and attending all of the sessions.

When you are ready to submit, there are two steps.
Step 1: complete the form below
Step 2: email your paper to

The deadline for submissions is the end of the day (Pacific Time) on March 22, 2019. Authors will be notified of the organizers' decisions by late May.

Philosophers who are unable to travel to Canada (due e.g. to visa restrictions or mobilization difficulties) are nevertheless invited to submit papers; if your paper is selected, we will be happy to discuss the possibility of working with you to arrange remote participation, e.g. via Skype. (There is no need to flag this with your submission; you can let us know on acceptance.) Unfortunately due to practical constraints we are unable to arrange remote participation for commenters and chairs.


The other way to participate in the VSPC, besides being a selected author, is to be a volunteer. We welcome volunteers who would like to referee, chair, and/or comment. Please use the form below. You do not have to submit a paper to volunteer. If you submit a paper, you won't be able to referee right away due to the conflict of interest, though if your paper is not selected we may still ask for your assistance with refereeing in later rounds. Volunteer referees should be willing and able to read 5-6 papers in their areas of expertise between March April 1 and April 15, and send us brief reports on each.

The VSPC is a workshop-style conference and participants are expected to read all of the papers in advance, to attend all of the sessions, and to come prepared for discussion. Please only volunteer if you also plan on reading all of the papers in advance and attending all of the sessions.

All accepted volunteers will be invited to attend the VSPC. However, we anticipate receiving more volunteers than there are spaces at the conference, so please understand that we cannot accept all offers. The deadline to volunteer is midnight (Pacific Time) on March 15 2019. Volunteer referees will be notified of the organizers' decisions shortly thereafter. Volunteer chairs and commentators will be notified of the organizers' decisions by late May.

Bursary application

In general, VSPC participation is self-funded. However, we have a (very!) limited budget to assist with VSPC costs for would-be participants who lack access to research funding. If you would like to be considered, send an email to with subject line "Bursary Application", with the following information: (1) name; (2) CV; (3) description of your current professional status—graduate student, assistant professor, etc; (4) brief description of why you would like to attend the VSPC. Send us this email as well as the form submission below (and, if applicable, your paper). Applications will be considered for participants in any conference role—speakers, commentators, or chairs.

As funding is extremely limited, we invite applications only from those who do not have the means to self-fund VSPC participation.

Bursary decisions will be complete by June 1.

The form

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Authors whose papers are being considered for the program are not eligible to referee. If you submit a paper and volunteer to referee, the latter will be interpreted as conditional on not having your paper selected.